Free Solar Farms

California Free Solar enables landowners to produce solar power and to participate in America’s energy revolution. We the people, can now produce our own electricity from clean and renewable energy sources and sell it to electric utility companies. We are at the forefront of an energy revolution.

Solar energy is a clean, non-polluting renewable energy source that will benefit your local community, the environment, the economy, and you and your family. The positive impact of solar power affects everyone.

The design and installation of new solar farms in the Central Valley and Northern California will provide jobs for Californians while helping to solve our electrical power shortage problem.  New jobs and new clean renewable energy sources.

We are actively searching for California landowners interested in helping supply California with clean, renewable electrical power. Leasing land that is to be used exclusively for generating solar power will make you a leader in the community. The lease payment to landowners in our program is paid quarterly for a period of twenty years. Lease options include renewal after initial lease term expires. If you sell your property, the rights to the solar income will go to the new owner. This is a substantial addition to the value of your property.

A minimum of a half acre of land is required to participate in this program. Qualifying land must be located in the proximity of an electric utility’s three phase power distribution line. Land must be adjacent to or near either a 480 V or 220 V three phase transformer.

Power poles with three phase transformers are plentiful in rural and industrial areas. There are many configurations of three phase utility power line transformers. Most will qualify. Contact us to get your future solar farm site qualified for free. Act now!

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