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June 8, 2013

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We can help you if you are a residential or commercial electric utility customer.  We can also help you if you are a land owner and are interested in your very own solar farm !

We can help you if you live in CALIFORNIA or ANY OTHER STATE IN THE COUNTRY !!!

We have an extensive network of partners including all of the major companies in the industry and many local regional companies in your area !!!

We are a one stop turnkey solution for FREE SOLAR POWER !!!

This is the real deal and FREE SOLAR is available starting now !!!

Let’s say that today you’re spending $250 per month on average with your electric company. You’re pretty much stuck paying the utility for that electricity if you enjoy things such as lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, washing and drying your clothes, etc.

Additionally, since 1971 (according to the CPUC – California Public Utility Commission) your electricity rates have increased on average 6.7% annually with the bulk of the increases concentrated in the three upper electricity tiers.

Using the magic of compound interest, if the current trend of the last 42 years persists you’re $250 monthly electric bill becomes $448 per month by 2023 – $250(1+0.067)^10=$448.

Even more startling, over the course of 10 years, you will have paid $40,866.64 to the electric company. With today’s home solar prices, that amount of money would buy you a 10-12 kilowatt high efficiency solar system – significantly more power than what is needed to eliminate a $250 monthly bill!

Consider this, if you are able to pay off a solar system in 10 years (considering a 25 year useful life for the solar panels and a 12 year useful life for inverters – though some today are 25 year products) you would avoid paying the utility another $135,903.52!! – [$250(1+0.067)^25]-$40,866.64 – $5000 (inverter replacement). If you can pay it off sooner, the savings become even more compelling.

So the question is: how do I get the Utility to pay for my solar system so that I can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? The answer is incredibly simple. I’ll use myself as an example.

In 2007, my monthly electric bill was $220 per month. Applying the same calculus to my own situation, I figured that in 10 years I would have paid $35,962.64 for electricity supplied by local utility. A solar system to suit my needs (after rebates and tax credits) came in at $21,500. Solar, therefore, seemed like a no brainer. In fact, six years in I’ve saved $18,742.45 with one year left for the system to pay for itself.

To be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing a check for $21,500, so I did what many of my savvy finance mentors recommended – I used O.P.M – otherwise known as ‘other people’s money’. 

I simply used my HELOC (home equity line of credit) to buy the solar system and DIVERTED MY MONTHLY UTILITY PAYMENTS to the bank that loaned me the money.  A few interesting things happened:

My loan payment was $157/month (saving ~ $63/month over the utility payment).
I could write off the interest since solar is a home improvement thereby increasing the monthly savings to ~ $118/month.  My home appraised for $22,000 more after the solar was installed upon refinancing it a year later.  The improvement did not increase my property taxes.

Due to some additional fiscal conservatism on my part, I diligently paid down the principal and now own my solar system outright and have an extremely low annual electric bill ($58 in 2012).

What does this mean for you?

The good news is that today there are many more financing options available than ever before.  More good news is that with home values coming back from the dead, home equity and other types of home improvement loans are once again readily available after half a decade of recession.

You options today include:

A Solar Lease or PPA from SunRun or another source that allows you to save some money out of the gate and increase savings over time as utility rates continue their unceasing march upward. You’re paying the utility anyway; why not take control of your power by redirecting utility payments into this money saving option. SunRun is perfect for those of you who can’t realize the tax credit and/or like the idea of a 20 year hassle free warranty and a low buyout or free removal at the end.

Diverting  your utility payments to a P.A.C.E loan like WRCOG HERO, Ygrene, etc enables you to own a solar power system in 6-8 years. Better yet, if you can’t take the tax credit or prefer to borrow less upfront, go with a pre-paid SunRun PPA and finance that with a PACE loan.

Obtain an Equity Line, Signature Loan, Home Improvement Loan or the like from your bank or credit union (as I did) and have the utility pay that loan off for you by redirecting electric bill payments and taking advantage of tax incentives.

In summary, if you enjoy the benefits electricity provides but would like to insulate yourself from inevitable future price increases and save yourself lots of money, redirecting your current and anticipated future electric bills into a solar system makes tremendous sense for most people.

With a solar power system in place, you’ll have a much more pleasant problem than your electric bills.  

What to do with all the money you have saved !

For free information and consultation, and with no obligation, please get in touch with me ! My name is Kevin and we are California Free Solar.  Thank-you for your interest in helping to sustain a greener and healthier planet while saving yourself a lot of money !



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